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We’re a data-driven, digital marketing partner that deliver unmatched results for eCommerce brands!

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Get Off the Data Treadmill—Atom Delivers eCommerce Reports in a Snap!

Atom is the smart marketing automation tool designed for Founders, Ecommerce Experts and Marketing Leaders who want seamless data integration and reporting systems. You can seamlessly integrate with 180+ platforms and access 200+ pre-built KPIs tailored to your needs. This business intelligence solution also offers unlimited custom reporting to fit your brand’s unique needs.

Your competitors may be sleeping, but with Atom, you’re wide awake and ready to conquer. Get on the waves of success with confidence, knowing that Atom has your back, guiding you towards eCommerce supremacy.

Join over 500+ brands using Atom to power their analytics

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Seamlessly connect and integrate every aspect of your business

With Atom, you're not just automating reports—you're freeing up time to focus on what really matters. Our seamless integrations across eCommerce, operations, marketing, and warehouse management bring all your data under one roof.

Turn Your Data into Decisions in a Flash.

Access instant dashboards, automate your eCommerce reports, and keep your finger on the pulse with daily performance snapshots sent straight to your inbox. With Atom, it's not just about keeping up—it's about staying ahead.

Performance analytics

From tracking customers, products, channels, and subscriptions to delivering pre-built visualizations and customizable data filtering, Atom ensures you stay on top of your game with its powerful performance analytics.

Enterprise analytics

With Atom, the power is in your hands. Scale your business with confidence, knowing you have the tools that connect, transform, and analyse multichannel data with ease.

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